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Drop in - classes

Dance classes, Aerial Silk/Ring, Pole Dance, Acrobatics..


Studio Move opened in 2005 with a goal to bring passion to dance for our costumers. We offer a range of dance styles, pole dance and acrobatic classes in Tampere, Ylöjärvi and Pori. 

We are a professional and friendly dance school with great teachers and facilities.

Contact us directly for any questions. We are happy to help with anything.

Kids and Juniors classes
We offer a wide range of dance and acrobatic classes. Ask for more information: (Please inform us the city which you would like to take classes in and the level wanted.)

Adults classes or Drop in-classes
For adults we offer a wide range of drop-in classes, different dance styles, aerial arobatics, aerial yoga, and pole dance classes. You can join in at any moment by reserving a spot through our booking calendar. In our booking calendar you will also find all of our schedules. Drop in sign up:

Private lessons
All of the styles and classes we offer are possible to arrange as private lessons. Whether you would like to feel natural on the dance floor, take your dancing to the next level, or you simply want a new and dynamic way to stay in shape, we can offer you personalized lessons. Ask for more information:!

At Studio Move, our passion is helping to enrich your life – mentally, physically, socially and emotionally – through the power of dance. Start your journey today!

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